The Australian Governments response to Covid-19 has reshaped the way property deals are conducted for the foreseeable future. 

How will I find my new home?

Can I still negotiate on an investment property?

If there’s no auctions, how do I compete?

Do I have to buy sight-unseen since there’s no open house inspections?

What is actually happening in the market right now? And what might happen next???


LISTEN NOW – Everyday Property Investing Podcast – Property in the time of covid-19


In this episode, Karen Young of Property Zest Buyer Agents and Lisa Parker, of Parker Buyer Advocates, set the record straight on what this means for buyers, sellers and existing property investors in this unique market. 

Gain the clarity you need before making your next move. Listen to this informative and timely podcast HERE NOW. 


LISTEN NOW – Everyday Property Investing Podcast – property in the time of covid-19

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