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Our offices are located in the Waterman Business Centre at Chadstone Shopping Centre.

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When you are serious about hiring a Buyers Advocate and want a more in depth conversation with us to determine if we are the right BA for you, Book a Get Acquainted Call.  A Get Acquainted Call is a perfect opportunity for you to chat about where you are at, ask questions, learn more about the Melbourne property market & gain clarity around the right next step for you.


Not sure yet? We totally get it! Why not cyber -stalk us for a while! You can get to know us gradually, gain access to relevant property news and see what great results others are achieving with our help all from the comfort of your own computer.

Check out our Reviews, Recent Acquisitions and Clients success stories on  this page. Be sure to click on each individual property and a new page will open sharing a lot more of the behind-the-scenes action.