“I know what I want, I am ready to buy, but I live so far away I just can’t do it on my own. I need some serious leverage on my side so I can secure the perfect property with ease and confidence.”



 Who You Are

You’re passionate about making a property purchase in Melbourne, Australia, you know roughly what you want and it’s likely you have been doing some research on the internet for ideal investment (or home) locations. You may be looking for an investment or perhaps it is a future home that you may eventually move into down the track.

Buying the right property in a great location that meets your budget and requirements is what matters most to you right now.


 What Your Challenges Tend To Be


Although you’re smart and pretty savvy when it comes to property investment, the fact is you live a millon miles away and looking on the internet for property is just not going to cut it. It’s a logistical challenge to travel back and forth because a) it’s expensive and b) most of the properties you were wanting to view have been sold by the time you arrive in Melbourne. 

You can see from photographs online if a property is to your liking, but deep down inside you know there is just no way of telling what the property really looks like in the flesh. Photographs can be so deceiving. You can’t see the surrounding houses or street scape easily and you have no way of knowing if that part of the neighborhood is desired by home owners and renters.

You may have asked friends or family who live in Melbourne what they think of certain areas or properties listed on the internet, but even they shy away from wanting to help. It’s a huge investment afterall and they are not experts at assessing property – “what if they don’t like it or I miss something important” is what’s on their mind.

Buying a property from so far away without some professional help on the ground feels daunting and let’s be really honest………unwise.


What You Need Most Right Now

It’s time to get some help on your side! You need someone on the ground who is professional, experienced and is working exclusively for you.

Someone who can physically inspect all of the listings in your desired location and give you the full picture. The good, the bad and the ugly. You need a professional who can inspect and compare each property strategically and put the very best options forward along with all of the information you require to make informed decisions.

You want enough detail and inside information that you feel as if you have inspected all the properties yourself. That way you will feel comfortable and confident in moving forward.

What you need most right now is an advocate who is on your side, no hidden agendas. A person you can rely on to put forward the very best options for you and provide professional expert advice regarding the value of the property.


The Parker Invest Program you’ll thrive in …



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