What you need to know if you are planning a property purchase before Christmas

The Christmas Effect

Essentially you have 10 buying weeks left. If you are buying property on your own you will need to be already on the ground inspecting properties and be well and truly clear about what suburbs you are purchasing in and ensure that they fit your budget. (You can’t afford to lose time looking in suburbs which are not going to fall into your price point).

If you are planning on having us take the hard work out of the search for you, I recommend  booking your strategy and briefing sessions with us no later than November to almost guarantee a purchase before the red suited man abseils down our chimneys.  This allows us plenty of time to achieve a great result without you feeling under pressure or rushed and gives you access to the biggest range of properties before new listings slow down in late December.

What to expect if you are planning a purchase AFTER Christmas

Understanding the flow of stock on the market will be important for you.  For those going it alone, you will see an increase in listings hitting the market in the first and second week of February. If you are focussed and have the time and the resources, you should be able to make your purchase prior to winter when stock dries up considerably.

If you are planning or thinking about potentially bringing us on board, our clients typically get results within 6 weeks, so we have plenty of buying time up our sleeve before the winter months.

To assist with your planning, should you be thinking of working with us, here is how a typical first half of the year looks for Parker Buyers Advocacy. We begin meeting with clients from the 2nd week in January. Clients that book our services in January typically have a February start date and will complete their purchase prior to the colder months hitting Melbourne. (Weather does impact Melbourne property scene so you need to time your purchases carefully)

We typically start receiving bookings in December for a late January start which means we would conduct your Strategy and Briefing Sessions with you in late January to early February. This places our team ready to begin your Search Phase when the listings start to hit the market again in Mid February.  Please remember that we are usually running with a wait list so booking in with us 3 weeks prior to your ideal start date is recommended.

I will provide some further insights about Christmas trading and what to expect from the property market during this time so you can be fully prepared and informed and can plan your purchases accordingly. It’s actually really valuable information and may change your initial thoughts around timing.

Be In-vested By Christmas

Take some time now to discuss ending your 2017 with a successful Property Portfolio addition with us.  Book an obligation free call,  click here  or email Karen – karen@parkerinvest.com.au  to organise a suitable time.

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