Not Hiring A Buyer’s Advocate Is Costing You Money

If you’re on the fence about hiring a Buyers Advocate to help you purchase your dream property, don’t be. There are so many benefits to be had, not to mention time, money and your sanity!

A Buyers Agent will assist you with your property search, and often you can get into properties sooner with their help.  

With the right advocate, you not only get to save (yes, SAVE) money, but you’ll also get to save a lot of time along the way.


5 Different Ways A Buyers Advocate Can Help You Save Money


There are quite a number of ways a buyer’s agent can help you save money over DIY-ing your way to a suitable property. Here’s my top 5:

1. A Buyers Agent will help you save money in hot markets.

In a hot market, prices escalate by ten to twenty thousand dollars every second week.

Not buying the property at the right time could end up costing you an extra $40,000 a month in a hot market!

With a Buyers Agent giving you the right advice, that $40,000 will still be sitting in your bank account and will have covered your Buyers Advocate fee with money to spare.

2.    A Buyers Advocate knows what’s coming up in the market.

Your agent will tell you when’s the best time to buy a property. They’ll know that there’ll be ten new listings coming up over the next six weeks, or the next two weeks. They’ll tell you to hold off and jump on the new listings as soon as they go live on the market.

If you’re shopping on your own, you won’t have that kind of information. You won’t know what kind of properties are going to come up for sale in the near future. In short, you will always be wondering “is this as good as it gets or can we get better if we wait”

With a Buyers Advocate you will never have to wonder.

3.    A Buyers Agent has relationships with real estate agents.

Your Buyers Agents relationship with Selling Agents will help you get your deal over the line above other purchases. The Real Estate Agents may disclose where other offers are going to come in at so that you can be sure you’ve got a winning offer at the best price.

Also, an Advocates relationship with Real Estate Agents gives them access to special off-market properties that not many people know about. This gives you, the Buyers Advocates client, an opportunity to get great deals on properties not available on the market.

4.    A Buyers Advocate has access to off-market properties.

An off-market property is a property that is not going to be advertised to the open market in any way, shape or form. The owners give their real estate agent access to sell and to invite buyers, but not to advertise in the marketplace.

If you don’t have a relationship with the agent, you’re not going to get invited. Very few direct buyers ever get invited to off-market properties.

Buyers Agents, on the other hand, get invited all the time. This is because Buyers Advocates don’t waste the Selling Agent’s time, they’ll tell them immediately if it’s a yes or a no, if the property is a fit for the client.  

When you’re working with a Buyer’s Advocate who has access to off-market properties, you’re not competing with other buyers who are spending time in the open market. Which means, with the help of a Buyers Agent, you can get access to off-market properties that are often sold at a lower price than in the open market due to having no other competition.

In short, not using a Buyers Agent is costing you precious time and money that could be put towards your dream home.

5.    A Buyers Advocate knows what problems to look for in properties.

Buyers Advocates are looking at property all the time. Their experience tells them what problems to look out for, and they know the tell-tale signs that indicate there are bigger problems at play.

Without the benefit of that experience, you could go for a property that’s going to fail a building and pest inspection. That’s literally money down the drain!

We know exactly what to look for so you’re not caught out by properties that fail certain regulations, like pest and building issues. The same goes for maintenance – we give you a realistic appraisal of any issues. Often we find buyers think an issue will be expensive to rectify but often, this isn’t the case. This means you don’t overlook properties that could be perfect with just a little love.


Final Thoughts

A Buyers Advocate will have your best interests at heart. They will help you in your search for the best property that fits your needs and your budget. We will save you countless hours and money that you can invest in that dream home or a few upgrades. No more headaches or traipsing from one viewing to the next every weekend. Want to know more?


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Jo Gifford August 21, 2018 Buyer's Advocate, Money