Time Saved

Clients hire us for many different reasons, for busy families, executives, medicos, business owners and professionals, the saving of time is just one invaluable reason. Here is a selection of case studies highlighting the time our clients have saved using our services.

Money Saved

Saving money when buying your new home is icing on the cake when you hire a buyers agent. Here is a selection of case studies where our clients have enjoyed saving money when using our services.


Money Made

Making money from property is a must for property investors, and also a key consideration for home buyers who want to leverage their home purchase and upgrade into a more expensive home in time. Here are some case studies showcasing clients  who have made better financial decisions with our expertise.


Mistakes Avoided

Purchasing a property is the most expensive financial investment you will make in your lifetime. The stakes are extremely high and mistakes costly. Here is a selection of case studies showcasing the mistakes buyers have made and the mistakes we have helped our clients avoid when purchasing a property.


Winning Bids

Having an experienced bidder with tactical skills and a strategic approach is often the difference between securing your dream home and walking away empty handed. Here are some success stories showcasing our strength as professional auction bidders and how having our bidding experience has made the difference for our many clients.


Pre-Auction Negotiations

Offering to buy a property before auction can place buyers at a disadvantage. Knowing when a pre-auction offer is a sound decision is imperative if you want to remain competitive and not severely overpay for your chosen property. Having a team of experienced property negotiators can save you a lot of money and ensure you do not make an expensive mistake. Here are some case studies showing positive results from pre-auction negotiations.


Exclusive Access "off market"

Many homes sell silently without ever going to market. Having a buyers advocate on your team is your secret weapon to gain entry into silent sales. Also known in the industry as “off market” listings. With a long list of industry contacts across Melbourne we are invited to view off market listings for our clients almost daily. Here is a selection of homes our clients have purchased that never made it to the market.

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