One mistake to avoid when you work with a Buyers Advocate

One Mistake to avoid when you work with a Buyers Advocate There is a general rule of thumb when buying a product or service from a salesperson, that you should never share with the sales person what your full budget is. Often when you are buying a product or service...

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Guide to selecting a Property Manager

Parker Buyer Advocate's Guide to Selecting a Property Manager So you’ve purchased an investment property (or perhaps you’re upgrading and planning on renting out your current abode), congratulations! The hard part is over, now to select a Property Manager to help you...

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Podcast – The Secret World of Conveyancing

Lisa Parker hosts this episode of Everyday Property Investing Podcast with Betty Zervas of SZ Lawyers. Together they uncover the nuances of conveyancing, especially important now with the new online conveyancing system PEXA   LISTEN NOW - Everyday Property Investing...

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Podcast – How to leave your job with property

They're Back! Lisa Parker & Kaz Young return to co-host the Everyday Property Investing Podcast.   LISTEN NOW - Everyday Property Investing Podcast - How to leave your job with property Transitioning from Full Time employment into full time "Property Investment" is a...

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Don’t hire a buyer’s agent without reading this first

If you are only going to read one article about how to hire a buyers advocate, this is it! It covers THE most critical things you need to check before hiring a buyers advocate and will help you spot the fakes, avoid the fly-by-nighters and skip the “double agents” who...

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Biggest issues facing property buyers today

Every turn of the hand on the property clock brings a unique set of challenges and advantages. While last year we worked incredibly hard to access stock and beat other buyers to the punch, this year brings a new set of challenges we work to overcome for our clients....

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