Who else wants to buy a PROPERTY in just a few weeks without all the hard work?

You want to find your dream home. But you’re finding the process overwhelming…

…What suburbs should you target?

…Is what you want realistic or even available in Melbourne?

…How do I figure out pricing?

…..And why is it taking so much time?!?!?!

Finding a property is a full-time job. To be successful, you need to be jumping on the internet every single day & shortlisting 5-12 properties to view every Saturday.

It takes a good, dedicated 6 months to truly understand the market and another 3-6 to find the right home. That’s 9-12 months of house hunting! 

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

It’s our job to make sure the property buying process is made simple for you. And we take that job very seriously.


The Full Search & Acquisition Service is our signature service where we take all the overwhelm off your shoulders and make buying a property easy for you.

If it would feel like a miracle for you to buy your new dream home within 7 weeks without having to give up your own time or weekends, ever have to deal with a real estate agent, or jump on realestate.com.au again,  then we’d like to invite you to work with us. 

Book a call to find out more about our signature service offering by filling out the form below.