Who else wants to buy a home in just a few weeks?

You want to find your dream home. But you’re finding the process overwhelming…

…What suburbs should you target?

…Is what you want realistic or even available in Melbourne?

…How do I figure out pricing?

You’re aware that you don’t buy houses everyday of the week, so who knows if you’re doing it right. Chances are you’re making some mistakes which are costing you time and money. 

And why is it taking so much time?!?!?!

Finding a property is a full-time job. To be successful, you need to be jumping on the internet every single day & shortlisting 5-12 properties to view every Saturday.

It takes a good, dedicated 6 months to truly understand the market and another 3-6 to find the right home. That’s 9-12 months of house hunting! 

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

It’s our job to make sure the property buying process is made simple for you. And we take that job very seriously.

The Solution

The Full Search & Acquisition service is our signature service where we take all the overwhelm off your shoulders and make buying a property easy for you.

If it would feel like a miracle for you to buy your new dream home within 7 weeks without having to give up your own time or weekends, ever have to deal with a real estate agent, or jump on www.realestate.com.au again,  then we’d like to invite you to work with us. Check out our signature service offering below. 


When you work with us, you won’t just buy any home. It’ll be the home that you really want at a price you can afford. PLUS you won’t ever have to deal with another selling agent ever again. 

Here’s what you get

Get everything you need to go from home searching

to home-purchased in just a few weeks 

Proven Parker Buyer Advocacy Methodology:

Built & refined from 14 years of working with clients who are just like you. Our methodology offered clients a 99% success rate in 2017. It’s designed to get you into your new home within 12 weeks rather than 12 months, with ease & zero stress.

Home Briefing session

(we need to create a super duper unique aspect to our briefing which sets us apart bc I think we do have a real skill here that not all BA’s are going to have and whatever it is we do, it has helped us achieve a 100% success rate with home owners in 2017). In person, preferably.

Done-for-you Home Search:

You keep your weekends, while we run around town inspecting potential homes for you. We’ll look at your criterion & narrow down on the best homes for your lifestyle. No time-wasting inspections. Only inspect the very best homes for you.

Weekly Inspection Worksheet:

This gives you total visibility over all the homes we’re investigating & inspecting on your behalf. We’ll only invite you to inspect a property yourself once we’ve personally confirmed that it meets your most important criteria.

Exclusive Access To Off-market Properties:

Get access to our top-secret list of off-market properties before anyone else has a chance to view them. You’ll have almost no competition if you fall in love with any of these properties because they won’t be published anywhere ye

‘Zero-Stress Home Buying’ Info Packs:

This is designed to help you know exactly what to expect from each stage of the process. It’ll break down what you can expect from us every step of the way & what you’ll need to do to keep things moving along at each step. No surprises.

Tailored Negotiation Strategy:

We’ll consider all the important factors that can affect the negotiation & create a strategy that’s tailored specifically to you & your unique situation. This strategy will be designed to get you the best outcome possible (and it’s nearly impossible to pull off without our professional help).

Exclusive Contract Clauses:

Get our exclusive clauses that give you the best possible terms, help you avoid risk & offer you the protection you deserve as a buyer (but you don’t get when you try to DIY).

Legal Advocate In Your Corner:

We know the laws and what is “normal” and we know how to protect you. We advocate for you to ensure you’re protected so that no-one is dropping you into a contract with hidden clauses that expose you to risk. We get you the security & protection you deserve.

Full Access to Us During The Process:

Got questions? No worries. You will get a direct line to contact us on in case you have questions. You won’t need to stress about anything because you have our full support.

VIP Pricing & Service From Our Recommended Service Providers:

Get access to our hand-selected team of specialists who have a rock solid track record & have helped 100’s of our clients get into their dream home. Best of all, they’ll give you special Parker Buyer Advocacy pricing & roll out the red carpet for you.

VIP Post-Purchase Support:

We don’t leave you hanging once we hand over the keys to your new home. You’ll have access to us for 180 days after settlement to troubleshoot any issues that might pop up. It’s part of our commitment to keeping your home buying process stress free.

But what you’re really getting is

Your dream home. FAST. — Save months (and in some cases years) of searching for and waiting for that perfect home to appear at the right price. On average, it takes us 6 weeks to get you into your new home.

Next to no stress — Let us take all the stress off your hands. Stop worrying that you might not be paying the right price, the agent might be lying, what if the property is a lemon, is the property too good to be true. That’s our job. You go enjoy your life while we take care of business. 


An expert negotiator in your back pocket — Avoid losing great properties because you didn’t understand the playing field. We’re skilled negotiators who can sort out fact from fiction & outsmart your opponents for you.


Access to exclusive listings — You would never know about these private listings without the help of a Parker’s buyers advocate. These aren’t made available to anyone but you.

Your weekends back — Stop wasting your weekends going to 6 open homes every weekend for the next year, only to discover that most of them are duds. Let us do all the inspections for you, while you enjoy your life.


Clarity — Clear, realistic goals are key to getting you into your dream home quickly. We’ll help you know if your expectations are realistic, adjust them (if needed) & know which tweaks to your criteria will make the biggest difference to your search.

Support every step of the way — You’ve got a teammate to turn to for answers at every stage in the process. No more wondering where to go for answers.


A trusted adviser — We’re always on your side. We remain calm and approach the task at hand strategically and with your best interest at the heart of every decision.

How Does it work?




We spend 10 minutes on the phone together to get to know where you’re at in your home buying journey, what challenges you’re facing in the process & whether this is the right service for you.

We’ll also talk about timing and next steps, so we’re all clear on what to expect when we work together.




If you qualify for the service and we both decide that we’re a good fit for working together, you’ll pay your deposit for the service, which is 30% of your total service fee and we’ll send you paperwork to sign & return to us. Then, we’ll start work on finding the perfect house for you.




We’ll get together for 45 minutes in our office, or via skype or zoom.  We’ll ask you a lot of questions about how you live, what you do for fun, how often & where you do your hobbies and a whole bunch more. These questions help us get a sense of who you are as a person & how you like to live.  This session is one of the most important steps in the process. It helps us recommend suburbs that you might not have thought of yourself.





This step is only required if you need help narrowing down on what you want in a home & where you want to live. We’ll coach you through a process to help you refine your preferred housing styles, must have attributes and locations that will suits your lifestyle.

You’ll be sent on weekend assignments with clear instructions on what to look at to help with your decision.



Now, we start looking for homes for you. We reach out to our network to find off-market, pre-market and on-market opportunities for you.

When we find the perfect home for you, we’ll set up a time to discuss the property in more detail over the phone and also talk about arranging a good time for you to view the home & any time constraints that we have to consider.



We’ll help you focus on what’s important, so that you don’t overlook a good home because the previous owner has ugly decor, for example. We want to make sure you’re focusing on the most important things in the home when making your decision.

It’s also our job to distract the sales agent, so that you have time to look around the property in peace.



Once we know you want to go ahead with purchasing the home, we’ll complete any remaining due diligence before you make an offer. For example, it you want to remove a wall, we’ll investigate whether that’s possible for you.

We also have the contract checked by our solicitor, so all the terms are fair to you. If you have any special requests, we’ll also negotiate those with the selling agent for you.



We’ll get on the phone to discuss our negotiating strategy. We want you to understand why we’re recommending this particular negotiating strategy given the circumstances around your purchase.

There’s so many things that we consider when approaching the negotiations. But you won’t need to worry about any of that because we’ve got you covered.



Once the offer has been accepted, we get all the paperwork worked up & send you the final contract to sign or we can sign on your behalf, if needed. The only thing that’s left is a phone call from us to celebrate that the home is now yours. (We hope you have that bottle of Champagne chilled!) 




Your last job is to send out the house warming invites – you’re about to move into your new home!!


Sounds Great! But is it right for me?

The Full Search & Acquisition service is perfect for you if:

  • You want to find your dream property, but simply don’t have the time (or desire) to give up every weekend shopping for it.
  • You’re sick and tired of looking at dud properties that you thought looked good on the internet, only to arrive and find out that clever photography made the home look bigger or better than it really is
  • You want access to homes that you wouldn’t normally have access to if you relied on doing your own searches. We can give you access to “off-market” properties that will not be offered to anyone else.
  • You’ve been going to auctions and missing out. You’re just not having the easy luck you thought you would have, so you know it’s time to get a professional on board.
  • Sales agents frustrate you. You don’t want to stress about what to say, what information to withhold. And you don’t want to have to wonder if they are giving you the truth or a rehearsed sales pitch you should ignore.
  • You never know whether to believe what the sales agent has told you & would love an independent professional working on your side to sort the white lies from the information you need to be paying attention you.
  • You don’t want to be that friend at the BBQ that is still house hunting 2 years from now and your friends are sick of hearing about all the dud properties you’ve looked at, auctions you have missed or the latest stunt pulled from that agent on the corner of 122 Sleazy Street! Yep! We know buyers who have searched for more than 12 months before getting the help they need. It really doesn’t have to be so hard.
  • You know you don’t know what you don’t know, or at the very least suspect you don’t know exactly what you are doing. It just makes good sense to have an expert take care of the largest financial decision in your life.
  • You want to shortcut the home buying process and have someone to tell you what to do & when to do it. You want to make your life easier & get into your new home faster!

But it’s probably NOT the right service for you if

  • You would like to learn how to do this for yourself. You can’t help but learn a lot about buying property as we work together, however this service is not designed as an educational program. Our mentored Service might be better suited if this is you.
  • You’re a micro-manager. We can appreciate that you want things to go smoothly, but you need to be willing and able to let us do the job for you. Our systems & processes are specially designed to make things easier for both of us.
  • You love looking at property and enjoy dealing with sales agent. You see property buying as a really fun task so you are happy to spend as long as needed to find your perfect property.
  • In general you like to save as much money as you can which typically means you will opt to do things yourself rather than pay an expert to get the job done properly and efficiently for you. You see the upfront fee as a cost and don’t understand the value a professional property advocate brings to the table.
  • You are a serial procrastinator who’s been procrastinating for a really long time. Serial procrastinators reach out thinking a buyers agent is a great solution, however what we have found in the past is that even with our help, serial procrastinators just can’t stop procrastinating. Given we are very fast action takers and get results fast, we often move far quicker than a procrastinator is comfortable with. Plus we don’t let you get away with illogical reasons for not moving forward so there is no point you becoming a client if you find it hard to move forward. If you are really ready to give up procrastination and know you CAN and WILL move forward with the right help, we can help you. We have helped many recovered procrastinators in the past who with our help have gone on to make a lot of money from property.

How Much Does It Cost?

We will provide you with a fixed price quote once we know more about your search and budget. But here is an approximate guide to help you with your budgeting.

Purchases below $600,000, the fee is $12,000 + GST.
For purchases above $600,000, your fee will be roughly 2% of your budget + GST.

For example, if your budget is $750,000, then the fee would be fixed at approximately $15,000 + GST.


You pay this in two installments:

Installment one – Engagement fee is 30% of your total fee. You pay this at the beginning of the service  to secure your spot on our client roster. Once we commence work for you the engagement is non refundable.

Installment two – Success fee. The success fee is payable once the contract to purchase your new home is unconditional. You will only pay the success fee if we achieve the result you hired us for.

All your questions answered

If your fee is a percentage of the purchase price, where is your incentive to get us the cheapest possible price?

Let’s get that concern off your mind. We will provide you with a fixed fee quote that is tailored to your specific search. So you can relax knowing we are always working for you and your best interests.

Are you independent?

Yes, you can be confident we are on your side.

We are 100% independent. We do not have affiliations with any developers, builders or selling agents.

Do you sell any property?

No. We do not sell any property. We have worked exclusively as dedicated Buyer Advocates for 14 years.

Are you licensed to work as a buyers agent?

Yes. We hold the correct qualifications and license to be able to work as Buyer Agents. We hold insurance to ensure you are protected and Parker Buyer Advocates is also an accredited member of REBAA (Real Estate Buyers Agents Association) and REIV (Real Estate Institute of Victoria)

How do I know if Parker’s Buyer Advocates are the right buyer’s agent for me?

It’s really important that you choose an advocate that you trust and work well with.
If you like everything you’ve read and you like the way we communicate, chances are that you’ll like us in real life too. Because there’s no shiny, corporate veneer with us, we like to keep things real!  Which means how we present here on the website is exactly how we present in real life too.  This is intentional because we really want to attract clients who are a perfect fit for us, our services and who we really enjoy working with too.

What we stand for

We value honest, real & straight forward conversations. We like integrity, efficiency, respect and we like to do everything with transparency. If we say we are going to do something, we mean it. If we can’t, we will tell it to you straight, and we really love it when our clients speak to us openly and honestly too.

If you like knowing where you stand, if you enjoy direct, respectful conversations, chances are you will love working with us. But trust your gut. You already know if you like us!

What do I need to have ready before we start?

You should have
– Your pre-approval
– Deposit saved and accessible (do not have it in a term deposit that you cannot access for another 3 months)
– If you have been looking at properties already have a list of the links of properties you liked and didn’t like along with your notes on each property

How/where will we meet?

We will meet firstly over the phone to determine if this service is a fit for your needs. If you qualify for the service we will invite you to an introductory meeting. We can do that in our office in Chadstone or CBD, or we can meet virtually over Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp.

If it’s love at first sight you will pay your deposit for the service and get the paper work off the to-do list!

Can you recommend a great broker or bank we can work with?

Yes, absolutely.

We have a whole team of professionals we have worked alongside for many years. After hearing more about your situation and plans, we can introduce you to the broker we think would be the best fit for you.

What if I don't have my pre-approval yet?

We will not commence your search until your pre-approval has been finalised, however if you have submitted your application and are waiting for final approval, now is the perfect time for you to make your initial inquiry with us.

Do you get access to off-market properties?

Yes, yes, yes!

We have a large database of agents who we regularly receive access to off-market, pre-market and soft launch properties through. Our favourite agents will even door knock and cold call suitable homes for you when you are a Parker Buyer Advocate client.

What if I don't like the properties you show me?

Rest assured you will never feel pressured to purchase a property that you do not love.
We work together to create an outcome you are happy with and we only source properties according to the brief we have agreed upon together.

We don’t want you to waste your time so your buyers advocate will help you create a brief that is realistic and workable. We will also help you to set an appropriate budget for your dream home. This occurs during refinement week in our proven process.

Is the property I want realistic for my budget?

Many of our clients come to us with an idea in mind about where they would like to live and which suburbs they prefer but wonder if it is realistic.
It’s our job to help you refine and prioritise your wish list and navigate the options so you end up in the right area in a home you will love at a price you can afford.

You can rely on us to be candid if you’re on the wrong track or have unrealistic expectations. In fact, we only take on clients who have a willingness to be realistic and turn away those who won’t budge on their wish list, even if their budget will not afford it. It would just be a waste of everyone’s time and your money if your dream home didn’t actually exist.

I like everything I have read and heard about about Parker Buyer Advocates, what is the next step for me to get started?

If you are ready to make your home buying a breeze, the next best step for you is to schedule a Get Acquainted Call.

This is a 10 minute phone appointment to discuss your requirements and to see if you qualify for our service. If you do, you will be invited to an introductory meeting where we can go over the service offering in more detail and walk through the paperwork required to get you started.


Ready to discuss how we can make home buying or investing in property a breeze for you? Fill out the form below and our team will be in touch with you shortly.