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The Client

Warren and Kristy were a busy professional couple, living in Melbourne and looking to purchase a property to move in to. They lacked time to adequately search for property and were unsure which suburb they wanted to live in.

The Challenge

When they engaged Parker Buyer Advocates to assist them in securing a suitable property, they had a short (or long) list of over 20 suburbs as potentially suitable for them.. 

What We Did

Over a period of 3 weeks we helped our clients get to know and understand each of the suburbs they were interested in. Sending them on weekly assignments to view properties that would fit their budget in each suburb proved to be a quick and efficient way to help them narrow the search down to 2 target suburbs.

Once the target suburbs were chosen we identified 3 potential properties which were prioritised by our client. Missing out at auction on the clients first preference, some quick thinking led us to pursue the clients second preference which had auctioned at the same time as preference 1, but passed in.

The property had passed in to the highest bidder who had refused the vendors reserve price at $1,200,000 and were now attempting to negotiate. As the bidder had not agreed to pay the reserve price, we were now able to join in and asked if we could be allowed inside to be included in the negotiations.

After backing and forthing several times in a transparent setting, we were able to successfully purchase the property for $1,255,000 and the other bidder walked away empty handed.

Whilst it was a very quick process we were prepared as we had already viewed the property prior to auction day. Due diligence was done with respect to recent sales, we were aware of the upgrades that had been done on the property and we quickly arranged for the contract to be reviewed.

The Outcome

Market Value – $1,150,000 – $1,265,000

Negotiated Price $1,225,000

Saving of value = $40,000


In this instance there were two positive outcomes.

Firstly, had Warren and Kristy not engaged our services, we are certain they would not have purchased the property and would likely not have purchased in such a short timeframe.

It may have taken months to determine the suburb that they wished to target and this could have resulted in extensively more time added to their property search.

Secondly, not being across all facets of the laws, Warren and Kristy also would not have knocked on the door to interrupt negotiations, meaning they would not have been the successful purchasers of that property.

Knowledge of the law   | Negotiation skills |  Timely purchase

Lisa and her team provided brilliant advice on suitable neighbourhoods, budget expectations and all the steps of the process. Their service was very kind, friendly and personal… plus, with their help we secured the perfect home within 2 months!

  • Expert knowledge
  • Personal touch
  • Honest advice

I will definitely encourage any home buyer or investor to make use of their services.

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