Lisa Parker & Kaz Young of Everyday Property Investing talk about the Barriers to Buying. What are the things that stop people from getting into the property market?


LISTEN NOW: Everyday Property Investing Podcast – Barriers to Buying

Have you been wanting to buy a property but stalling? Can’t seem to take the plunge?
This episode is for you (or those people you know who are always saying how they want to invest in property but never get around to it – yes, send it to them!).
  • Waiting for something better to come along
  • Identifying insignificant reasons
  • Analysis paralysis
  • Not seeing enough to make decision
  • Thinking it’s not a good time to buy – always
  • Unrealistic expectations of market
  • Unrealistic expectations of your budget
  • Psychological price points

BONUS – Lisa Parker on Securing Your Site during Renovation Projects


LISTEN NOW – Everyday Property Investing Podcast – Barriers to Buying

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