Getting stuck with the rubbish after settlement is not ideal.

3 tips to ensure you do not get stuck with it in the first place!

Removing hard waste and garden waste is an expensive exercise and you certainly do not want to get stuck with the bill once the property settles. Here are 3 tips to ensure you are not left holding the bag come settlement time.

1. Check the house thoroughly

It is important to be fully aware of rubbish which may become expensive to remove once you become the owner. Typical items we come across in our Buyer Advocacy are old cars, engines, wood, used or unused building materials, garden waste, old fence palings and firewood.

The common places to find this rubbish are under the house, in garages and sheds, down the sides of the house, along the back fence/corner of the yard and sometimes even in the roof space.

If you find rubbish make a point of asking what the owner intends on doing with it. This will bring awareness that it is a concern for you and you expect it to be dealt with, but don’t stop here. Take photos in case you need to provide them to your solicitor at a later stage.

2. Special conditions

Add a special condition to the contract to ensure the owner is responsible for the removal of the rubbish, prior to your pre-settlement inspection if possible. This ensures that contractually everyone is clear about their responsibilities and if you delay settlement or hold back funds from settlement until the rubbish is removed you will not be penalised.

3. Pre -settlement inspection

Attend a pre-settlement inspection within the week leading up to settlement. Check that all the rubbish has been removed. If it has – happy days.

If the rubbish is still sitting at the property it is time to raise the conversation with the agent and let them know settlement will not go ahead until the rubbish has been removed. Next stop – contact your legal team and have them begin the process of ensuring you are protected. They will liaise with the vendors legal team and arrive at a logical and fair solution that ensures you are not going to be lumped with an unexpected rubbish removal bill.

After you have settled on the property it is too late to rectify any problem you may face. Make sure you protect your interests and lean on your legal team early in the process to ensure you settle on your new home or investment property easily and with as much of your hard earned cash in your pocket.

As your Buyers Advocate we identify the warning signs of this issue very quickly and work closely with your solicitor to manage the situation appropriately.

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